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The ALTRUIST Comprehensive Financial Plan is our premier service offering.  It includes a comprehensive analysis of all aspects of your financial life.  The end result is typically a 60-70 page document summarizing our analyses, recommendations, and rationale.

The savings from our advice may allow the service to pay for itself in a relatively short period.

In connection with the ALTRUIST Comprehensive Financial Plan, Altruist will analyze your current financial situation and assess how well you are positioned to achieve your stated financial goals.  This analysis will include, but is not limited to:

bulletA net worth calculation and analysis
bulletAn income tax analysis
bulletAn analysis of your current asset allocation and investments, including the various fees you are currently paying
bulletAn analysis of your current insurance needs and how well they are being met (as an example, you can view our thoughts on life insurance here)
bulletA retirement planning and estate planning analysis

Altruist will then synthesize suggested modifications to your financial situation (especially your investments) which we believe will allow you a better chance at meeting your goals, considering:

bulletYour financial goals (e.g., saving for children’s education, retirement, home down payments, etc.)
bulletYour investment time horizon
bulletYour personal level of risk tolerance

Altruist will educate you regards the rationale behind our recommendations and work with you to jointly agree on a course of action that you are comfortable with.  We will then assist you in implementing the plan by providing a detailed checklist of action steps and assistance in obtaining necessary forms, etc.

This service is designed to prepare investors to transition to the ALTRUIST Portfolio Management Service.  Prospective clients who do not intend to transition to the ALTRUIST Portfolio Management Service should not buy this service. 

You are also entitled to a 12-month consultation enrollment, whereby you will be able to consult with Altruist financial planners on various matters related to personal finance, at no additional fee, for 12 months.

Fee:  $2,950.

Note that when you subsequently go on to transition to the ALTRUIST Portfolio Management Service, we will credit your account for $1,000 in order to avoid a duplication of fees.


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