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"Nothing astonishes men so much as common sense and plain dealing."

           Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803 - 1882), "Art," 1841.

We don't think that you should be surprised when you are treated ethically and fairly you should expect it.

Altruist is absolutely committed to delivering superior services in a highly ethical fashion at a fair price.

We are so certain that you will be delighted with the value we deliver that we offer a Complete Satisfaction Money-Back Guarantee

When you are shopping around for a financial adviser, we encourage you to ask other companies about their guarantees (if they have one they probably don't) and ask them if they are willing to put it in writing.  We think that any company who truly believes that they are delivering a quality service should have no qualms with providing such a guarantee.


bulletALTRUIST Financial Planning and ALTRUIST Investing Plan Services.  If you are not satisfied with the value of our ALTRUIST Financial Planning or ALTRUIST Investing Plan Services, we will gladly refund your fees to you.  The refund is available for 12 months following your enrollment.
bulletALTRUIST Portfolio Management Service.  If you are not satisfied with the value of our ALTRUIST Portfolio Management Service, we will refund your (non-custodial) fees paid within the six months prior to ending your service.  Custodial fees are non-refundable.

Note that we do NOT guarantee that your investments will necessarily do well it would be foolish for anybody to offer such a guarantee (except perhaps an insurance company and you would pay extra for the "performance insurance").  What we do guarantee is that regardless of how well your investments perform, you will be satisfied with the value of the advice you receive from us, given the information available at the time the advice is given.


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