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The ALTRUIST Portfolio Management Service provides you with ongoing management of your investment portfolios. 

We realize that hiring somebody to manage your money requires a great deal of trust.  That’s why we do everything possible to ensure that you will be happy with our services and the value that we provide.  There are several good reasons why (we feel that) the ALTRUIST Portfolio Management Service is superior to nearly all similar services available anywhere:


Low cost.  We encourage you to “shop around” for lower fees.  We’re confident that it will be extremely difficult to find any lower than ours for those with sufficiently large portfolios.  Unlike many other pursuits, the adage, “you get what you pay for” does not apply in the financial services area.  If you pay more in fees, you have less money to invest, which tends to cause your overall returns to be lower.


Money-Back Satisfaction Guarantee.  We guarantee your satisfaction with our service.  If you are not absolutely pleased with the value we have provided, we will refund your fees paid.  See here for details.


Non-Discretionary Management.  We generally insist on non-discretionary management.  Unlike most similar services available elsewhere, you don’t need to “trust” us to make prudent trades on your behalf.  We believe that the best way to manage a portfolio is to fully engage you in the process so that there are never any “surprises.”  Any time we believe that any adjustments should be made to your portfolio, we make our recommendation to you in writing, along with detailed rationale and pros and cons of the contemplated action.  You are then able to either approve, modify, or reject the contemplated action.  We will not execute a transaction on your account until you approve it first.  We typically don’t recommend such adjustments any more often than once every two or three months – to do so more often than that is usually imprudent.


Access to Institutional Mutual Funds.  In addition to funds available to all retail investors (e.g., those of Vanguard), our clients are able to invest in the sophisticated institutional funds of Dimensional Fund Advisors (DFA).  These funds are designed primarily for institutional investors and may represent the best funds available in several asset classes.  For a list of funds we currently recommend for each of several asset classes, see here.


Prudent Investing.  Our investing strategies are consistent with the legally recognized Prudent Investor Rule.  For more information on our investment philosophy, see here.


Evidence-Based Investing.  We base our strategies on principles that have been demonstrated by academic research, never "hunches".


For more information on why hiring an investment advisor might be beneficial, click here.

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ALTRUIST Portfolio Management Service clients usually must first be enrolled in one of our financial planning or Investing Plan services. 

For clients transitioning from the ALTRUIST Comprehensive Financial Plan, once the plan is completed (i.e.,  the ALTRUIST Portfolio Management Service is ready to be implemented), we will credit their accounts for $1,000.  This precludes clients from being charged twice for similar services.  Note that clients transitioning from the ALTRUIST Investing Plan are not entitled to this credit.

For the ALTRUIST Portfolio Management Service, Altruist receives an annual fee based on percentage of assets under management as per the fee schedule below, paid quarterly in arrears, computed based on the value of the portfolio at the end of the quarter.

Fee Schedule for ALTRUIST Portfolio Management Service

First $10,000,000

0.235% per year (i.e., 0.05875% per quarter)

Next $10,000,000 0.11% per year (i.e., 0.0275% per quarter)
Next $30,000,000 0.055% per year (i.e., 0.01375% per quarter)
Next $50,000,000 0.03% per year (i.e., 0.0075% per quarter)
Subsequent amounts 0.02% per year (i.e., 0.005% per quarter)

There is a minimum annual fee of $30,000 per year (i.e., $7,500 per quarter) for the ALTRUIST Portfolio Management Service.  Generally, Altruist will not accept accounts of less than $3,000,000, but exceptions may be made on a case-by-case basis.

In addition to the above fees which Altruist receives, clients will be responsible for mutual fund expenses and custodial fees.


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